RARC Field Day 2018 - June 23

June 23-24 - Field Day, our annual test of operating under simulated emergency conditions; remote location, basic equipment, portable antennas, pizza, having fun, etc. Operations this year will be at Ramseur Lake Park just off of NC 22 approximately at 387 Wallace St, Franklinville NC 27248. In general we'll start setting up about 9:30 AM and operate until we get tired or they chase us out (6:00 PM). Bring snacks, water, bug repellent, fans, extension cords, radio gear, pizza. As with any of our activities, you are invited--bring kids, friends, neighbors, Girl/Boy Scouts, in-laws, parents, friendly dogs, small reptiles, pizza, etc. Anyone who wants to try ham radio will be able to get on the air with knowledgeable support--including kids. Have questions, contact Butch, WS4H at butch@atomic.net

ARRL Field Day Info