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Monthly Meeting

The Randolph Amateur Radio Club (RARC) meets at 7pm on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Our primary meeting location is Asheboro/Randolph Library (downstairs meeting room to the left of the staircase) on 102 Worth Street in Asheboro.


Any changes in the meeting location will be noted on the home page and on the meeting blog post, and the email sent by Butch, WS4H.

​There is a pre-meeting "dutch treat' meal at 6pm before the meetings.

The restaurant locations are noted on the home page.


Feb: Everything Under the Bun; March: Taste of Asia
April: Jed's BBQ; May: Time Square Pizzeria; June: Mayflower Seafood
July: Burrito Brothers; Aug: Taste of Asia; Sept: Golden Corral
Oct: La Hacienda; Nov: Zeko's; Dec: Golden Corral

Monthly Breakfast

The Club meets at 8am on the second Saturday of every month. We gather at Everything under the Bun restraunt located at 1512 Zoo Parkway (location is in a shopping center) in Asheboro. This is a time to casually get together and discuss the hobby or anything else that comes up.

Meetings and activities are open to ANYONE interested in amateur radio.



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