During the Pandemic

Not being foresighted enough to predict a "Global Pandemic!!!!" the RARC constitution and by-laws make no provisions for emergency powers for the club's continuation. So we suggest the following.

1. Assume that the 2019-20 officers have carried over for the "greater good" of the club until we can meet as body and make "proper" decisions. They will assume temporary emergency power to act for the club until we can properly elect new officers and conduct any other business.

2. We will provide free current 2020-21 membership in the club for all members paid up for the 2019-20 club year.

A. This provides continuity without cost to anyone or the club.

B. This can be justified by the fact that we cannot hold meetings or otherwise participate as a body during the emergency.

C. We wish to continue to exist as a defined group.

Unless we hear of some other ideas, we will follow this plan. I sure wish the pandemic would end tonight. Until then, I am open to holding open/public zoom presentations. All I need are willing folk that would like to share a project, equipment, knowledge, and skills. I'm glad to hold these fun events at a time that is convent for you. We could even do it on a Saturday evening. I am excited to hear from you.

Thank you,

Amber, K4TAC