October 2016 Meeting

For our October meeting Mark MacAllister will be giving a us a presentation on APRS.

Mark MacAllister (KK4NNQ) is a Conservation Associate at the North Carolina Zoological Society. He's an avid hiker and biker and very much depends on his H/T during his numerous solo backcountry trips. Mark has held a Technician's license since December 2012 and plans to upgrade as soon as reasonably possible--that is, after his kids graduate from college and his house is paid for.

""The Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) allows operators to exchange and monitor digital various data in real time, including physical location of other APRS stations, local weather, simple messages and event bulletins. This presentation will focus on basic APRS concepts, including required gear and the integration of APRS with the Internet."Hope to see everyone there!