February 23, 2016 Meeting

February 23, 2016 Club Meeting, 7pm:At the RARC February club meeting, there will be a live demonstration of a modern digital mode transceiver using PSK-31 as well as a live demonstration of 1950s vintage Novice tube-type crystal controlled CW transmitter and separate receiver.Be prepared to have an enjoyable evening!

NEW MEETING LOCATION: Larry, AE4LD who owns LNR Precision (maker of Par Endfedz Antennas and several, mostly, QRP rigs) has invited the club to use the LNR facility for our monthly meetings, etc.The facility is located at 107 East Central Ave., easily reached via Hwy 220/I-73/I-74; take the Spero Rd. exit to the East, cross Business 220 onto Central Ave. It's in the same parking lot as Paw-Paw’s Place.