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May 24, 2022 Meeting

Hey Folks,

This is a brief heads up for the supper and meeting this coming Tuesday, May 24. I’ll get a calendar out later this week. Once again life intruded—well life and software up-dates one of which ATE ALL of my e-mail data last Wednesday night and only regurgitated sometime earlier today. It must have been interesting at the provider these past few days since apparently all of their users were involved.

Justin has a couple of topics start off our upcoming Tuesday pre-Field Day meeting;

  • Field Day is June 25th, we usually run an abbreviated operation, breaking up before the park closes

  • A shelter with A.C. power has been reserved at Ramseur Lake - Kermit G. Pell Water Based Recreation Facility. Info

  • Please come to the meeting on Tuesday, 05/24 we will be discussing our F.D. activities

  • We should probably limit our activities to 3 bands; 15, 20, & 40 meters

  • We will need some members to bring a complete station for one of these bands; power supply, radio, tuner, antenna(s), coax, computer for logging, necessary supplies, tools, backup items, etc.,

  • Justin has a “Get On The Air,” GOTA, radio for that station.

  • We have N3FJP logging software; look over the Field Day Contest Log to become familiar with it. Most folks will be able to comfortably use it after 20 minutes—it’s really easy to learn

If you are interested in finding out about Ham radio, trying some contesting, or experiencing Field Day you really need to come to the meeting Tuesday. Our agenda will be “F.D. operations Heavy” with discussions from hanging antennas to shutting down and everything in between.

Supper will be 6:00 PM at Times Square Pizza, 242 S. Fayetteville St., the club meeting will be 7:00 PM in the downstairs meeting room of the library, per usual. I hope to see you at both.


Butch, WS4H

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