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June 2022

Hey Folks,

Our monthly club breakfast is 8:00 AM this coming Saturday, June 11 at David's, 709 South Fayetteville St. Since you are on this mailing list, you must have some interest in ham radio, radio in general (short wave listening, perhaps), asked me a question, stopped by our display somewhere, visited our web site, spent more than three minutes in line in my general area, etc. That spark of interest makes you eligible to show up at any of our functions, breakfast, for instance, and hang out with us.

Although we are classed as nerds due our studious and intellectual nature I find that we tend to be accepting of anyone with any iota of interest in things technical or electrical with a slight lean to the obscure and pedantic. Basically, you're good to go as far as hanging out with us. Of course the next thing is convincing you to get a license, put wires up in trees, and talk to people in "Far away places with strange sounding names".

Speaking of getting a license--there will be a VE session at the Asheboro Library following the breakfast Saturday, check the attached RARC club calendar appendix for info.

Being June we all know that "Field Day Cometh"; with this year's iteration being the 25-26th. If you have the interest mentioned above you can have the opportunity to try out ham radio on Saturday. We will be erecting antennas and contesting until late evening (we have to leave before the park shuts down). Information is in the RARC monthly activities calendar. By the way, kids and disinterested spouses are also welcome--and they get to go on the air too.

73, Butch, WS4H

Monthly activities 22.06
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June 2022 Corral
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Special Event Stations 22.06
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July 2022 Corral
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