Guilford Amateur Society - repeater

The Guilford Amateur Society needs our help. As most of you are aware the wide coverage W4GG repeater experienced a fatal failure several months ago and has been missed by all. If you are able and feel so inclined please consider a contribution to this worthwhile effort to assist with the funding of this project. They have setup a Go Fund Me Page for donations. Here is the cover letter from the club treasurer and information on the project.

Hello G.A.S. friends,

We have set up a Go Fund Me page to assist in raising funds to replace the 145.25 repeater. We need your assistance - can you take a minute to see the web page listed below and help with your generous monetary contribution of any amount. We are trying to restore the "25" repeater back on the air as soon as possible, but we first need to raise funds for the new equipment. The 25 repeater is a member of the Piedmont Coastal Repeater Network (PCRN) and this will be restored also when the project is completed.
Your contribution will me much appreciated.

This link will also be placed on the GAS web site soon:

Thank you,

Tom Forrest, N4GVK