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Events are open to ANYONE interested in amateur radio.

Weekly Net:
Mondays, 8 PM
70 CM Repeater, K4ITL, Level Cross
442.825 positive offset with an 82.5 Hz tone
**If repeater failure - simplex 146.445

Monthly Club Breakfast:
2nd Saturday, 8 AM at Jed's BBQ, 1213 N Fayetteville Street, Asheboro

Monthly "Dutch Treat" Meetup Meal:

4th Tuesday, 6 PM at restaurants in Asheboro (see calendar)

Monthly Club Meeting:
4th Tuesday, 7 PM at LNR Precision Factory, Rand Plaza, 1954 N Fayetteville St, Asheboro

Club Officers Oct 17 - Sept 18:
President: Ken Hucks, AB4KC
Vice President: Amber Cole, K4TAC
Treasurer: Ruth Simpson, KE4PBA

Additional Info: 
Butch Simpson, WS4H; 336-381-4584; butch@atomic.net

Club Membership:
$15 per year per licensed individual,
plus $3 for any interested family member

VE Testing Session Schedule 2017:
October 14, 10 AM at Asheboro Library
December 9, 10 AM at Asheboro Library
*Starting Times
Our test sessions will start at 10:00 AM
Walk-ins are welcome but would appreciate prior notice via e-mail
Arrive a few minutes early to get settled in

*Testing Site
Randolph County Library, Asheboro Located at 201 Worth Street
Signs will direct you to the meeting room

Unlicensed applicants will need two forms of identification: one with a photo
and a photocopy of these documents; and their social security number
Licensed applicants will need their FCC certified, current, signed, FCC license; two IDs, one with photo; their F.R.N. (FCC Registration Number); and a photocopy of these documents;

Initial test fee is $12.00; applicants may take, sequentially, as many exam elements as can be passed within time constraints
Retest fee to re-take a failed exam element is $12.00. Due to limited time available, re-testing is at the discretion of the administering VE team.
Up-Grading Fee for old Technician to General up grade is $12.00

*License Renewal

$6.00 for sequentially issued licenses or renewed through W4VEC; www.W4VEC.com
Vanity licenses may be renewed through W4VEC; www.W4VEC.com