Saturday, June 24 from around 10:00 AM - until... with some members planning to operate over night.
At LNR Precision located at 1954 N. Fayetteville St.--Rand Plaza. This is the strip mall-type building just South of the intersection of Spero Road/Central Ave.

This year we will be setup at our regular meeting location at LNR Precision for our participation in Field Day. Our plan is to have multiple radios setup on different bands using several different modes. All are invited to stop by and see what Ham Radio is all about.  If you have ever been curious or wanted to see Ham Radio in action this is an excellent time to experience it firsthand.  Hope to see you there.
February and March meetings 
Over the last two meetings we assembled, tested and used to a small degree our 2 meter tape measure antennas.  The build went well with all in attendance able to use their antennas to work stations on a repeater almost 40 miles away with 5 watts.  
Many thanks go out to those who helped with parts, assembly and provided Elmer assistance to club members.

January Meeting

For our January meeting we will discuss the next club build project a 2 meter tape measure beam antenna.  We will have the spec's, build and assembly instructions to pass out at the meeting.  Plans and materials list are in the links tab then access shared documents. 

Roland Kraatz, W9HPX

  The November meeting was very informative as Roland Kraatz (W9HPX) from the Charlotte Digital Radio Group explained and compared three popular digital voice modes being used on VHF and UHF – D-STAR, DMR and System Fusion.
Info from the meeting is available on the "Links" page.

Many thanks to Roland and his friends for coming out to share this fascinating information.

Meeting Location Change

For our October and November club meetings we will be moving to our meeting location to the Randolph County Library.  We elected to make this change due to the special presentations lined up for those dates. There will be no change in the meeting location for the meet-up meal on those dates.  Check the calendar tab for those locations.  Hope to see you there!

November Special Presentation 

For our November meeting Roland Kraatz will be giving a us a presentation on three digital voice modes – D-STAR, DMR and System Fusion. 
Roland Kraatz (W9HPX) from the Charlotte Digital Radio Group will explain and compare three of the most popular digital voice modes being used on VHF and UHF – D-STAR, DMR and System Fusion.  He will provide a basic technical and operating overview of the three modes and describe the types of equipment needed to use each.  He will then describe how hams are experimenting to build new software and equipment to advance the technology and allow the three systems to talk to each other.